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Above Earth

G4C, diversity, hypercasual, mobile - Free to Play

Above earth is the first game developed by Knot Studios for Game Jam + 2020.


In the beginning, Chaos arises, and from it ... You.

For a moment, imagine yourself as a consciousness as old as time itself. Imagine the freshness of the first river flowing through your body. Imagine a first breath of life and suddenly, the cosmic silence being cut by small creatures capable of something extraordinary: to imagine.

Through imagination, men created heaven, as well as hell. Like “‘ ’butterflies that flutter for a day and think they are forever.” The human imagination has no limits, being able to create beautiful things in the same proportion as it is capable of destroying the very organism in which they participate and take sustenance from its existence.

Above Earth is a game where the player learns to see the relationship between man and earth from the perspective of the planet itself. Discover the land that you will leave for the next generations through your choices!

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